Álvaro Bautista: “Everyone thought I was crazy” / Superbike World Championship

Superbike World Champion Álvaro Bautista ended his outstanding season in Australia with two wins. The hussar race with which he won the sprint race was particularly impressive.

Álvaro Bautista was the only one of the 22 drivers to tackle the Superpole race on a dry track on slick tires and went from first to 16th on the first lap. Over the next nine laps, the Spaniard showed why he is a two-time world champion: On November 21, the 38-year-old found the perfect combination of caution and speed, plowing through all the field and winning by a margin of 3.285 seconds. . !

“That was my decision,” Álvaro said of the risky tire choice.

Didn’t the team think he was crazy? “They didn’t say anything, but they certainly thought it,” smiled the Ducati star. “Fortunately I have a lot of experience with this track and with that climate from my days in MotoGP. Even after a lot of rain, the track can dry out in just a few laps, and that’s how it happened. I’m very proud, but I also needed big balls to start like this.”

Bautista continues: “When I came out of the pits, I thought there was less water. I drove behind Rinaldi and got the spray from him. That’s when I thought ‘shit’ for the first time. I had told my crew chief Giulio to change the starting grid to a dry setup. He asked me if he was sure and if he could already see that it had rained a lot and that everything was wet. I said ‘believe me, become dry setup’. He said ‘fine’. When I was on the starting grid, I had my doubts. He told me that he had three tires: rain, intermediate, slick. For a short time I didn’t know what to do: I expected less water on the track. He advised me a wet tire on the front and an intermediate on the rear, that was the safe option. But I’m not fast with an intermediate. And I saw that the straight line was drying up in the middle. So I took a chance and went with the slicks. He asked: ‘Are you sure?’ I do!’ I’m sure everyone thought he was crazy.”

“If things go well for you, you are also lucky. You have to be strong, but also lucky. But there is also the fact that I am very confident in my bike and in my riding. If the World Championship had not been decided yet, I would have chosen the safe option. But I had nothing to lose, so I gave it a try.”

Bautista again secured first place on the grid for the second feature race and won this one as well. It was his 16th win and his 31st podium finish in 36 races that year. But in Jonathan Rea he had a stubborn opponent. Due to the race being stopped on lap 18 after Eugene Laverty’s crash, the battle of the giants was cancelled.

“Johnny was very fast all weekend and in all conditions,” Álvaro told SPEEDWEEK.com. “When I passed him, he was much slower than me. But when he was behind me, he was able to keep up. This track is very fluid. When you feel good on your bike, it’s easy to follow someone. He certainly had a very good feeling with his bike this weekend and showed a correspondingly strong performance. I figured we’d be biting the bars and trying to beat each other for the last two laps. Unfortunately, it was later cancelled, so the last fight of the season was scrapped. Shame , I wanted to fight. In 2023 the season begins here, I hope good fights with Johnny and that the fallen are well.

World Superbike Championship result: Phillip Island, race 1
pos. driver motorcycle weather
1. jonathan rea kawasaki
two. Toprak Razgatlioglu yamaha + 6,247 sec
3. alex lowes kawasaki +15,435
Four. Andrea Locatelli yamaha +18,342
5. Alvaro Bautista ducati +19,369
6. garrett gerloff yamaha +36,235
7. Axel Basani ducati +37,641
8. xavi virgin sling +43,137
9. loris baz bmw +57,704
10 tetsuta nagashima sling > 1 minute
eleven miguel rinaldi ducati > 1 minute
12 kyle smith kawasaki > 1 minute
13 Xavi Fores ducati > 1 minute
14 Lucas Mahías kawasaki > 1 minute
fifteen. Hafith Syahrin sling > 1 minute
sixteen. scott redding bmw > 1 minute
17 Leandro Mercado sling > 1 minute
18 eugene laverty bmw > 1 minute
19 oliver king kawasaki > 1 minute
twenty Philipp Oettl ducati > 1 minute
outside michael vs mark bmw
outside About Nozane yamaha
Superbike World Championship Result: Phillip Island, Superpole-Race
pos. driver motorcycle weather
1. Alvaro Bautista ducati
two. Toprak Razgatlioglu yamaha + 3.285 sec
3. jonathan rea kawasaki +3,328
Four. alex lowes kawasaki +6,670
5. Andrea Locatelli yamaha +9,238
6. scott redding bmw +9,328
7. garrett gerloff yamaha +12,173
8. xavi virgin sling +13,427
9. Xavi Fores ducati +17,416
10 loris baz bmw +18,069
eleven Lucas Mahías kawasaki +27,298
12 Hafith Syahrin sling +29,522
13 Axel Basani ducati +32,064
14 Leandro Mercado sling +35,276
fifteen. eugene laverty bmw +35,868
sixteen. Philipp Oettl ducati +40,015
17 About Nozane yamaha +50,920
18 kyle smith kawasaki +51,281
19 tetsuta nagashima sling +51,701
twenty oliver king kawasaki > 1 minute
twenty-one michael vs mark bmw > 1 minute
22 miguel rinaldi ducati > 1 minute
World Superbike Championship result: Phillip Island, race 2
pos. driver motorcycle weather
1. Alvaro Bautista ducati
two. jonathan rea kawasaki + 0.209 sec
3. alex lowes kawasaki +3,797
Four. Toprak Razgatlioglu yamaha +4,016
5. Andrea Locatelli yamaha +11,086
6. scott redding bmw +16,328
7. miguel rinaldi ducati +19,934
8. Philipp Oettl ducati +20,257
9. tetsuta nagashima sling +25,158
10 loris baz bmw +27,177
eleven Axel Basani ducati +27,520
12 michael vs mark bmw +28,195
13 Lucas Mahías kawasaki +37,655
14 oliver king kawasaki +46,608
fifteen. Leandro Mercado sling +48,526
sixteen. About Nozane yamaha +48,909
17 Hafith Syahrin sling +49,034
18 eugene laverty bmw +36,492
19 Xavi Fores ducati +36,544
twenty kyle smith kawasaki > 1 minute
outside xavi virgin sling
outside garrett gerloff yamaha
Status of the 2022 Superbike World Championship after 36 of 36 races
pos. driver motorcycle Points
1. Alvaro Bautista ducati 601
two. Toprak Razgatlioglu yamaha 529
3. jonathan rea kawasaki 502
Four. miguel rinaldi ducati 293
5. Andrea Locatelli yamaha 274
6. alex lowes kawasaki 272
7. Axel Basani ducati 244
8. scott redding bmw 204
9. Iker Lecuona sling 189
10 xavi virgin sling 164
eleven garrett gerloff yamaha 142
12 loris baz bmw 125
13 Philipp Oettl ducati 85
14 Lucas Mahías kawasaki 61
fifteen. michael vs mark bmw 46
sixteen. eugene laverty bmw 36
17 Roberto Tamburini yamaha 36
18 Luca Bernardo ducati 35
19 Xavi Fores ducati 33
twenty About Nozane yamaha fifteen
twenty-one tetsuta nagashima sling 13
22 Ilya Mikhalchik bmw 10
23 Hafith Syahrin sling 10
24 Christophe Ponsson yamaha 9
25 kyle smith kawasaki 4
26 leon haslam kawasaki 4
27 Oliver König kawasaki 3
28 tarran mackenzie yamaha 3
29 Leandro Mercado sling 3
30 Peter Hickman bmw two
31 jake wins yamaha 1

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