blow of fate This is how Samuel Koch is 12 years after the accident “Wetten, dass..?”.

His desire to be the betting king in “Wetten, dass..?” conversion almost cost him his life. On December 4, 2010, Samuel Koch fell so badly during his bet that he has since remained a paraplegic. How is he today?

“Wetten, dass..?” Fans will probably never forget December 4, 2010 again.

Back then, Samuel Koch bet that he could somersault over five cars approaching him with the help of jump boots.

Catastrophe occurs on the fourth jump: Koch falls, hitting his head on the edge of the roof and then on the ground, in front of the audience and moderators Thomas Gottschalk and Michelle Hunziker.

In a matter of seconds, the life of the then acrobat and theater student changed.

“It hasn’t always been easy since then”

“I hit my head on a car and broke my neck four times. Since then it hasn’t always been easy. But possible.”

These lines are on the Samuel Koch website. In an interview with “Bild” two years ago, he talked about the night that completely changed his life.

He is upset that he forgot his “favorite training jacket in the ZDF wardrobe”. “Otherwise, my memory of the night will end a few seconds before impact.”

What Koch has not forgotten to this day: he played “Wetten dass ..?” he agreed, “although I didn’t feel too good about it.” Such a TV appearance is not something gym coaches like to see.

However, Koch figured a little publicity as a budding actor couldn’t hurt him. “I would have preferred to weigh less sensibly and listen more to my gut.”

“Not exactly the best day of my life”

Today, Samuel Koch is trying to see the bright side of that unfortunate day. “It wasn’t exactly the best day of my life,” he said in the “Bild” interview.

“But since I could have been dead after breaking my neck four times, my survival can also be seen as something of a second birthday.”

Koch celebrates his second life with a lot of commitment. You see him as a speaker, a children’s book author, an actor. On stage, on the glider, in the bathtub. When jumping in tandem, when doing sports, when traveling. And almost always next to him: actress Sarah Elena Timpe.

The couple met eight years ago on the set of the ARD soap opera “Storm of Love” and they love each other. In 2016 they said yes.

“Life goes on”

And what else is Samuel Koch doing today? He has been a permanent member of the ensemble at the Nationaltheater Mannheim since the 2018/19 season. He can currently be seen in “Bittersweet Dark Light” with his wife.

The couple have also written two children’s books together. In November and December 2022, you can even experience the “teddy commando” as a musical show. With the couple, of course.

In 2023, Samuel Koch will also go on tour: with his first live show. “Weightless” is his name. The description sounds promising: “Take off and stay on the ground? Together we make the impossible possible. Be there and be a part of my Mission Possible.”

There is also the association “Samuel Koch and Friends eV”. The 35-year-old wants to use it to help people who help others in need and spend themselves in the process.

Yes, fate was not kind to Samuel Koch on December 4, 2010. But he still can’t be beaten. Or as he says: “Life goes on (…). You can complain at any level, but you can also be happy at any level.”

“I bet that…?” with glamorous moments and crazy tricks

Thomas Gottschalk headlined the show “Wetten, dass ..?” with a leopard look. He unpacked less forceful remarks than usual. Michelle Hunziker shone in an opulent pink designer gown and groomed the candidates.


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