Boss pays the electric bills of the employees

Unusual Christmas present in the Bavarian Allgäu

This boss pays the electricity bill for his 70 employees

A German employer in the Bavarian Allgäu has decided to give his employees a special Christmas present. They celebrate with confetti.


Marc Wenz, businessman from the Allgäu.

Marc Wenz, owner of the Allgäu Outlet and Alpsee Outlet in Allgäu, Bavaria, had a big surprise for his employees, which he announced at the Christmas party. Since the business was so positive this year, he decided to take on the electricity bill for the year for all of his 70 employees. This news was celebrated with confetti cannons, according to RTL reports. An employee says: “Everyone cheered, yelled, laughed, some cried.”

The two outlets have generated record profits this year. “So I decided, after this successful year, to say that we would take care of all electricity costs privately for each employee and hopefully also a concern of these people,” Marc Wenz told the German television station. .

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