Brazil: Jair Bolsonaro is a no-show, currently unable to wear pants


BrazilJair Bolsonaro is a no-show – currently not allowed to wear pants

There has been radio silence around Brazil’s ousted president for weeks. Now it is known why.

Two days before the presidential elections in Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro addressed the media. He did not comment on the loss. Since then he has hardly been seen: the expelled man suffers from erysipelas and is not allowed to wear pants.

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  • Jair Bolsonaro lost the second round of the presidential elections in Brazil on October 31 against former left-wing president Lula.

  • Since then, the president who was ousted has hardly been seen.

  • It turns out that a skin disease prevents him from showing himself in public.

Ousted Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has one within two weeks of his Defeat against Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva barely seen. He has yet to expressly admit defeat. Although he points not on the path of a change of government wanting to be on his feet, but Bolsonaro has also largely disappeared on social media.

Vice President Hamilton Mourao has now announced the reason for this: the right-wing politician cannot wear pants. Bolsonaro currently suffers from erysipelas, also known as erysipelas or erysipelas. The skin disease caused a leg injury. This prevents him from leaving his official residence in Brasilia, Mourao told the Brazilian newspaper “The balloon”.

He could not “show up in Bermuda,” said the vice president, who represented him at an act of handing over the credentials of new ambassadors. Mourao did not comment on why the elected president was also silent on social media, as he had feverishly used the channels for the past four years to even announce a change of minister.

Artists and climate activists await Lula

Bolsonaro’s electoral defeat is letting a lot of people in right now Brazil waiting for better times. The cultural panorama awaits a new impetus and an improvement in the budget. After Lula’s victory, the mood is already improving, artist Ernesto Neto told the German Press Agency from Rio de Janeiro. Neto, 58, is known for his expansive fabric sculptures, such as the ones at Zurich’s main station (“Mother Tree of Gaia”) and his work with the indigenous Huni Kui people of the Brazilian Amazon region.

Environmental organizations and climate activists also expect a lot from the elected leftist politician Lula, who will take office on January 1, 2023. Brazil offers the United Nations to host the world climate conference in 2025, Lula da Silva wrote. on Twitter on Wednesday. The meeting must take place in the Amazon region. “I think it is important that the people who defend the Amazon know the region and the concrete reality.”

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