Cannabinoids block the virus, according to a study

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Does cannabis help against Corona? The result of a new study could further fuel the legalization debate. The substances it contains are intended to prevent the virus from entering cells.

The wet and cold season is here. This means that pathogens have an easier time again. After all, we spend more time indoors, the heating is on, and the air in the room is dry. This allows viruses to enter the body more quickly through the respiratory tract and mucous membranes. This promotes flu-like infections up to influenza. Also, we are now entering the third year of Corona.

Cannabis and Corona: according to the study, the acids it contains can block the virus

A researcher holds a hemp leaf.
The hemp plant contains compounds that are supposed to protect against corona. © Bea Vera/Imago

Experience has shown that this virus is also increasing again in wet and cold weather. But now a study has found something surprising, and could even further the debate on the legalization of cannabis in this country. The cannabinoids it contains, chemicals also found naturally in mammals, are designed to prevent the virus from entering our cells. This is now confirmed by a study from Oregon State University. As a result, cannabis is said to be able to protect against corona infection. The researchers report this in the journal Natural Products Journal.

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And: These hemp compounds are readily available because: “These cannabinoid acids are abundant in hemp and in many hemp extracts,” says study leader Richard van Breemen. As for its safety, the researcher can reassure critics: acids are also well tolerated and are not psychoactive. In addition, it is very easy to make suitable preparations and take them orally.

Scientists even assume that the contained cannabinoids not only prevent corona virus infection, but may even have a positive effect on the course. Consequently, these should weaken the symptoms of an existing infection.

Cannabis and Corona: Vaccination is still needed

But the van Breemen researchers also emphasize that cannabinoids alone would not be enough to win the battle against Corona. The therapy only helps in combination with a corona vaccine. It is also interesting that the study found hemp compounds to be effective against alpha and beta variants of the coronavirus. But: There is still no data on the newer variants, Delta and Omikron, which has been the predominant variant in Germany since the beginning of the year. However, study leader van Breemen is confident that cannabinoids are also effective here.

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