EM in Östersund – Swiss teams still flawless after 4 and 3 games – Sport

EM in Östersund – Swiss teams still flawless after 4 and 3 games – Sport – SRF

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Both the Swiss men’s and women’s teams celebrate clear victories at the European Championships in Sweden and remain unbeaten.

The CC Aarau women’s team with Briar Schwaller-Hürlimann, who replaced Anna Gut during the game, Carole Howald, Skip Silvana Tirinzoni and Alina Pätz achieved a 10:4 victory over Turkey in the morning. In the fourth and fifth sets, the Swiss stole a total of 6 stones to lead 9:1. After 8 out of 10 finishes, the Turkish women gave up.

In the afternoon game, the Swiss won 14:4 despite a three-man game from the Norwegians in the third set. In the seventh set, the Swiss women penned a stolen foursome after an outstanding stone to make it 9:4. In the eighth and final final, they even stole 5 stones and achieved the fourth win in the fourth game.

Team Schwaller: difficult start, confident end

The men’s quartet with Pablo Lachat, Sven Michel, Skip Yannick Schwaller and Benoît Schwarz also remains unbeaten. This year’s newly formed team won against Turkey 11:3.

But the decision came late. After 6 finals, Switzerland only led 4:3. Only with a house for three people and a stolen house for four people the Swiss cleared things up.

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