Excursion and rest day for Nati – archery and tea to relax – sport

Excursion and rest day for the national team – archery and tea to relax – sport – SRF

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After a trip to the desert, the Swiss internationals enjoy a day off at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

After the start of preparations for the World Cup with trips, first training sessions and the friendly against Ghana (0-2) on Thursday, the Swiss team took it a little calmer. On Saturday, the players were given a day off after taking a trip to the desert as part of a team event the day before.

There, the national team tried their hand at archery and got up close and personal with a falcon. In addition, you can relax while drinking tea.

After the difficult start to the week, the players needed a break, the Swiss Football Federation announced. The team resumes training on Sunday morning and enters the final phase of preparation before the opening game of the World Cup on Thursday against Cameroon.

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