Huge anger over a love bandage: Fifa threatens Nati with punishment


One LoveBig problems for Bändeli in Qatar: FIFA threatens Nati and Xhaka with punishment

With the “One Love” campaign, seven World Cup teams want to set an example against discrimination. Fifa suddenly wants to prevent the use of colored captain’s armbands.

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Granit Xhaka could face a ban for his captain's armband.

Granit Xhaka could face a ban for his captain’s armband.

fresh approach

with the campaign

With the “One Love” campaign, the national team wants to set an example against any kind of discrimination.


England's Harry Kane will be the first to wear the special captain's armband on Monday afternoon against Iran (2:00 p.m.).

England’s Harry Kane will be the first to wear the special captain’s armband on Monday afternoon against Iran (2:00 p.m.).


that’s what it’s all about

  • As in autumn, the national captain Granit Xhaka should have worn a special captain’s armband at the World Cup.

  • But FIFA wants to prevent action at all costs.

  • Xhaka can probably avoid a yellow card in the game, but at worst he could face a ban.

  • Other countries like England or Germany still want to stick to “One Love”.

The World Cup threatens the next big theater, because of a tape. In fact, the captain of the team, Granit Xhaka, was scheduled to wear a special captain’s armband on Thursday against Cameroon (11:00). With the motto ‘One Love’, the selection wanted to send “a message against any type of discrimination”. In the worst case, Xhaka could even face a ban.

FIFA announced on Sunday that the special captain’s armband violated the regulations. This stipulates that all equipment, such as drinking bottles, first aid kits and the captain’s armband, must be provided by FIFA. The corresponding infractions will be dealt with by a disciplinary commission. The penalty ranges from a warning to, in the worst case, a ban.

It is also conceivable that Xhaka could be booked with a yellow card before the start of the match. Although the FIFA regulations only prohibit “political, religious or personal messages” and “slogans/emblems of initiatives to promote football, respect and integrity” are actually allowed.

Change two days before the start of the World Cup – “that doesn’t work”

“It’s sad. We chose this message from ‘One Love’ because it’s not political, it’s positive. She doesn’t attack anyone,” says Nati’s media manager, Adrian Arnold. “It is a message that reflects values ​​that are important to the Swiss Football Federation and the players: tolerance, solidarity. A love is a love.”

The associations have little understanding of the short-term nature of FIFA’s advance: “They have known since September that we want to wear the bandage, and two days before kick-off they come and make counter-proposals,” Arnold continued. “We told them that we had communicated this for a long time, it is also about the human rights strategy. And they come two days early, that’s not possible “. The association has already sat down with captain Granit Xhaka. “We explained the situation to him again. He wants to continue wearing the bandage for the time being.”

France cedes – decision on Monday

The “One Love” campaign was launched by the Dutch association. In addition to the Netherlands and Switzerland, a total of seven World Cup participants take part: Denmark, Wales, England, Germany and Belgium, just like France originally. Under pressure from FIFA, captain Hugo Lloris has now decided to do without the colored ribbon. Manuel Neuer (Germany) and Harry Kane (England) stressed on Sunday that they will continue to perform with the band “One Love”. On Monday afternoon the message arrived that both teams would manage without him.

To avoid even major conflict, FIFA decided on short notice to launch its own captain tie campaign. These are marked with inscriptions such as “FootballUnitesTheWorld”, “SaveThePlanet” or “ProtectChildren”. The associations and FIFA want a decision before England’s match on Monday afternoon. A meeting is currently taking place in Doha, with the participation of the president of the association, Dominique Blanc.

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