Human rights question – anthem singer leaves interview

Maluma, singer of the official anthem of the 2022 World Cup in Russia, causes the next scandal after Fifa-Infantino: the musician interrupts an interview due to criticism of Qatar.

Maluma, singer of the official song of the 2022 World Cup, interrupts an interview for a human rights issue. -Twitter


the essentials in brief

  • WM singer Maluma causes scandal in interview.
  • The musician is asked about the human rights situation in Qatar and runs away.
  • Qatar has been criticized for its treatment of homosexuals, among other things.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino caused a stir with a press conference this morning. «Today I feel homosexual, today I feel handicapped. Today I feel like a migrant worker,” is just one of many questionable statements. (Click here for the article)

But today should not be the last scandal in Qatar, and that one day before the start of the 2022 World Cup…

Now a video of Maluma, the singer of the official World Cup anthem, has appeared. The musician canceled an interview on Israeli television because of a question about his role in the World Cup in Qatar. “You are being rude,” Maluma told a reporter from public broadcaster Kan.

I had asked him if his musical contribution to the World Cup was not a cover up for the situation in the country. While other stars did not want to lend their music to the football event due to the problematic human rights situation in the host country.

The Colombian Maluma contributes the song “Tukoh Taka” for the 2022 World Cup together with the American rapper Nicki Minaj and Myriam Fares. The musicians should also perform live in Qatar on Saturday.

“I only came here to enjoy life, to enjoy football and the football party.” That’s what Maluma said in the interview on Friday, from which he later left visibly angry.

The interview was scheduled to be broadcast in its entirety on Israeli television this Saturday. Now it is going viral on the internet.

Are you watching the World Cup in Qatar?

Qatar has been criticized, among other things, for the poor living conditions of foreign workers and the way it treats homosexuals. The emirate government rejects the accusations.

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