“I bet that…?”: Thomas Gottschalk presses Michelle Hunziker on her love life


“I bet that…?”Thomas Gottschalk Squeeze Michelle Hunziker About Her Love Life

In “Wetten, dass…” it is not only the candidates who speak in the city. In the spotlight are some blunders by the cult moderator.

An awkward moment right at the start: Michelle Hunziker is visibly overwhelmed by Gottschalk.


The cult show “Wetten, dass…?” Yesterday it was broadcast live again on TV screens, together with the moderator Thomas Gottschalk (72), of course the Swiss blonde Michelle Hunziker (45) could not be missing. Gottschalk wasn’t shy about asking his guest host some personal questions about his love life. Shortly after her last meeting, Hunziker was with one six pack doctor landedsaid the 72-year-old man. He alluded to Hunziker’s relationship with the Italian doctor Giovanni Angliolini (41). “It’s bad that you’re saying that now,” Hunziker’s noncommittal reply.

But Gottschalk is not satisfied with that and immediately follows twice: “On Monday the press can write: Michelle is back with Tomaso!” Hunziker laughs off the statement with obvious ease, saying, “Okay, let’s move on to our betting guests.”

In an interview with Schweizer Illustrierte, Hunziker recently said üOn the love comeback between her and her ex Tomaso Trussard: “I’m at a point in my life right now where I want to consciously experience my private life myself.” For this reason, she doesn’t actually make any statement about it.

Coca-Cola joke on Robbie Williams

But Hunziker was not the only one who had to listen to some very direct and intimate sayings. Superstar Robbie Williams was also a guest and sat on the notorious sofa. Also sitting was comedian and actor Christoph Maria Herbst (Stromberg).

The topic of the panel discussion was aging and thinning hair. Robbie Williams then revealed his beauty tip: he would apply a lot of hair powder to his mane. A steep jig for Christoph Maria Herbst, who said: “Better in the hair than through the nose.” A murmur ran through the audience, so this one was clear. Allusion to the drug addict past of the British singer.

While Williams only acknowledged the displeasure with a stoic smile, Gottschalk said in summary: “The matter is escaping us more and more.” And Michelle Hunziker turned to strategy, cleverly distracting from her own embarrassing moment: the announcement of the next bet.

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Thomas Gottschalk moderated “Wetten, dass…?” again on Saturday night. with Michelle Hunziker.

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The 72-year-old couldn't resist making some personal allusions.

The 72-year-old couldn’t resist making some personal allusions.

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“As soon as I was out of sight, you were done with this six-pack doctor,” Gottschalk told Hunziker.

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Giulia Gwinn’s incorrect name

Soccer players Alexandra Popp and Giulia Gwinn also sat on Germany’s most famous sofa. Gottschalk addressed the latter with the wrong name: Giuliana. Apparently, the 72-year-old man did not even notice his mishap, but he repeated it in a question to the local hero: “Giuliana, you were born around the corner. Is it some kind of home game for you, sitting in the living room here in Friedrichshafen?

The Bayern defender remained composed and did not respond to the moderator’s error, but replied: “Absolutely, yes. It’s a great honor to be here anyway, and when it’s also in Friedrichshafen, where I grew up, where all my family can be here. today, that is of course something very special. I was able to combine that with a weekend at home.”

Corona disease by Alexander Zvererv

Another drop of bitterness: tennis star Alexander Zverev (25) had to cancel his appearance on the show due to coronary disease. He apologized to fans via video message. Here, too, Gottschalk can’t resist an old-school saying: “We were lucky. He would have looked better alone than the two of us put together.”

Of course, despite the misstep, there was still a lot to be happy about. Betting king Martin Reiss (41) from Lützerath in North Rhine-Westphalia can find one of 1000 fingerprints in 60 seconds. A talent that earned the German a whopping 50,000 euros in prizes. He wants to save his town from coal diggers, according to the climate activist.

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