Indiana: Mother can hear her daughter’s transplanted heartbeat


US state of IndianaMom listens to her daughter’s transplanted heart beat

Amber Morgan uses a stethoscope to listen to the heartbeat in the chest of Tom Johnson, who received his daughter’s heart four years ago.

More than four years after her daughter’s death, an Indiana woman has heard her daughter’s heartbeat again. Amber Morgan met Tom Johnson, the man to whom doctors had transplanted her daughter’s heart at the time, on Saturday, according to her journal. The Chicago Tribune reported. With a stethoscope, she listened to the heartbeat in the 68-year-old’s chest. “It’s almost like hugging my daughter one more time,” she said. “As a mother, you hear your child’s heartbeat when you’re pregnant and I don’t think you ever want to hear it again – it’s amazing.”

His daughter died at the age of 20 as a result of asthma. Johnson, who had heart disease since childhood, received the donor organ after all other treatments failed. In 2019, a year after the transplant, he wrote to Morgan to thank her. She, too, did not receive a response to a second letter, until Morgan finally made up her mind, especially since she now has heart problems herself. The Organ Donation Network in Indiana hosted the rare gathering.

Morgan’s daughter’s heart opened up a whole new world for her, Johnson said. “I can garden, I can ride a bike. My kids can’t believe how fast I can walk.” His wife Sharon said her husband’s new heart was very special. “He takes special care of it,” she said. “He never forgets his heart medicine, ever.”


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