“It breaks my heart.” Mommy Hilton doubts Paris’s fertility, she answers immediately.

Paris Hilton’s mom, Kathy Hilton, isn’t so sure the hotel heiress will conceive anytime soon. Her daughter reacted immediately and claimed that she had “tons of embryos”.

Kathy Hilton did her daughter Paris Hilton a disservice with this statement: In an interview with the US site “E! News,” Kathy Hilton revealed that Paris is struggling to get pregnant.

“It breaks my heart because, despite all the attempts, it hasn’t worked so far.” She already gave him some advice: “I always say ‘relax’.” There are so many who have problems with that. “It doesn’t just happen that way.”

“I have tons of embryos”

Paris Hilton denies her mother’s statement: “I can’t explain where she got that from.” In “TMZ” he explains that it is not true that IVF has not been successful so far. “I have tons of embryos waiting for me.” She and her partner Carter Reum “just collected a lot at first.”

Hilton and the businessman have been married since November 2021. A year earlier, they made their relationship public. In the summer, Hilton told “Entertainment Tonight” that she couldn’t wait to have children in 2022.

Paris wants to name her future daughter London

She said at the time that she wanted to use artificial insemination to have twins, preferably a boy and a girl. She wanted to call this London.

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