Jan Böhmermann breaks into television interrogation – “Chez Krömer” without him

Kurt Krömer, also known as Alexander Bojcan, has to adjust to a change in his programme.  image: rbb / daniel porsdorf

Kurt Krömer, also known as Alexander Bojcan, has to adjust to a change in his programme.image: rbb / daniel porsdorf

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With his program “Chez Krömer”, the comedian and presenter Kurt Krömer has recently been in the spotlight. Because in the current season he has already interviewed some not very easy interlocutors. After former Austrian Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache, who was convicted of bribery, the controversial former editor-in-chief of “Bild” Julian Reichelt recently sat at Krömer’s table.

Both interviews made waves. Above all, the conversation with Reichelt sparked controversy among the viewers. Some accused Krömer of not being able to rhetorically stand up to Reichelt and of having allowed the ousted head of “Bild” to successfully present himself as the victim of a conspiracy campaign.

However, many fans were looking forward to Krömer’s next conversation with ZDF presenter and satirist Jan Böhmermann., who is less controversial but at least as eloquent as Reichelt. Böhmermann, who meets Krömer’s provocative interview style: An intense exchange of blows is inevitable.

FILE - In this Nov. 7, 2016 file photo, German television presenter and satirist Jan Boehmermann participates in the podium discussion

The moderator of “ZDF Magazin Royale”, Jan Böhmermann, like Kurt Krömer, is considered a provocative questioner.Image: AP/dpa

However, it is now known that Böhmermann will not appear in “Chez Krömer” for the time being. His planned appearance in the current season was cancelled, reports the online portal “dwdl”, which specializes in the German media landscape. The rbb station, responsible for the program, announced a few weeks ago Böhmermann as one of the seven guests of the current season.

“Chez Krömer” is shortened due to Böhmermann’s cancellation

“Unfortunately, Jan Böhmermann cannot film and cannot participate in season 7 as planned.” but now a RBB spokeswoman said “dwdl”. The announcer left it open on Friday whether her appearance will be made up in a possible eighth season.

For Krömer’s show, this has the consequence that the current seventh season will not have seven episodes, but only six. The station is not planning a replacement for Böhmermann.

In addition to Heinz-Christian Strache and Julian Reichelt, former German health minister Jens Spahn (CDU) also appeared in the current season.

Now there are only three episodes left: next week the author and prostitute Salomé Balthus will be a guest on Kurt Krömer. In addition, the director Rosa von Praunheim and the comedian Faisal Kawusi von Krömer will be interviewed.

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