Jennifer Coolidge, aka Stifler’s mom, returns


Jennifer Coolidge (61) received an Emmy in September 2022 for her role in the series “The White Lotus”.


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She stands in front of the mirror in a negligee and makes up her cheeks with pursed lips. That looks like screaming Jennifer Coolidge (61). She then takes a sip of the champagne. She has to sip the liquid from the glass so as not to stain the lipstick. It’s the introduction to the first sex scene of the second season of The White Lotus, which just aired on Sky. It is set in Sicily and, like Part 1, addresses the needs of the guests and employees of a luxury resort. Jennifer Coolidge plays heiress Tanya McQuoid for the second time.

Coolidge proves she’s known for giving her all for a joke when she lets her husband ride her at the start of season two and squeals like a guinea pig. But actually it is enough to look at her in front of the mirror. The grimaces, snorts and sighs with which she embodies this uber-rich slumber earned Coolidge an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress this year. She didn’t look good for her career for a long time.

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