Kim de l’Horizon wins the 15th Swiss Book Prize with “Blood Book”.

“Blood Book” is the name of the novel for which Kim de l’Horizon will receive the Swiss Book Prize 2022, the sponsorship announced. The award was presented on Sunday as part of the Buch Basel literature festival.

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Non-binary author Kim de l’Horizon not only won the Swiss Book Prize, but also the German Book Prize. The debut “Blutbuch” is also number one on the bestseller list in Switzerland.

Kim de l'Horizon wins the Swiss Book Prize 2022 with Blutbuch and speaks at the award ceremony in Basel, Sunday, Nov. 20, 2022. (KEYSTONE/Georgios Kefalas)

Kim de l’Horizon at the 2022 Swiss Book Prize ceremony in Basel.Image: cornerstone

Kim de l’Horizon has created a non-binary narrative character that harkens back to her own childhood and follows the story of her family, the sponsorship writes. Consequently, Kim de l’Horizon turns “experience into literature: one’s own experience and the experience of mother, grandmother, and previous women.” Kim de l’Horizon tried different languages, voices, and registers, without giving an answer.

“Talk more about love”

At the awards ceremony, Kim de l’Horizon thanked him with a kind of sung prayer that should only speak of love. This after Kim de l’Horizon was almost only asked about hate after the German Book Prize was awarded. “I want to talk less about hate and more about love,” Kim de’Horizon told Keystone-SDA, acknowledging that there is still work to be done on a societal level to address the concerns of the LGBTQ+ community. Kim de l’Horizon wished that queer and feminist groups would work together to improve society as a whole with common concerns.

As for the actual writing process, Kim from l’Horizon said that it was long and difficult. But it’s worth “facing your own dark spots. Only then can you leave them behind.”

The award ceremony took place at Theater Basel. The Swiss Book Prize is endowed with CHF 30,000 for Kim de l’Horizon. The other four nominees Simon Fröhling (“Dürrst”), Lioba Happel (“Pommfritz aus der Hölle”), Thomas Hürlimann (“Der Rote Diamant”) and Thomas Röthlisberger (“Counting Stones”) will each receive 3,000 francs.

“Books need publicity”

The sponsors of the Swiss Book Prize are the Basel Literature Association and the Swiss Association of Book Trades and Publishers (SBVV). Eva Herzog, President of Literatur Basel, State Councilor of the SP and candidate for the Federal Council, complained that cultural information in the media had been reduced more and more. “Books need publicity,” she said. The price of the book is not lower for that.

The Swiss Book Prize was created in 2008 as a marketing tool. The prize winner is usually placed, new or again, at the top of best-seller lists. Nominees also often experience sales streaks. Since the Swiss Book Prize only considers Swiss literature in German, the federal government does not support the prize. A total of 88 titles from 58 publishers were submitted for the 15th Swiss Book Prize. (sda)

Past Award Winners

  • 2022: Kim de l’Horizon, “Book of Blood”
  • 2021: Martina Clavadetscher, “The invention of disobedience”
  • 2020: Anna Stern, “All of this here, now.”
  • 2019: Sibylle Berg, «GRM. fuck brain»
  • 2018: Peter Stamm, “The Sweet Indifference of the World”
  • 2017: Jonas Lüscher, “Power”
  • 2016: Christian Kracht, “The Dead”
  • 2015: Monique Schwitter, “Into Each Other”
  • 2014: Lukas Barfuss, “Koala”
  • 2013: Jens Steiner, “Carambola”
  • 2012: Peter von Matt, “The Gotthard Calf”
  • 2011: Catalin Dorian Florescu, “Jacob decides to love”
  • 2010: Melinda Nadj Abonji, “Doves fly”
  • 2009: Ilma Rakusa, «More sea. commemorative passages»
  • 2008: Rolf Lappert, “Swim Home”


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