Large families: these stars have so many children

Nick Cannon is the “leader”

Exceptionally large celebrity families

Some celebrities decide not to have children, marry once or not at all, or remain single. Here are those who partially married, fathered children and divorced, and sometimes created entire dynasties.


Nick Cannon already has ten children, he can be seen here with newborn daughter Onyx, among others.

Comedian Nick Cannon (42) has the highest “success rate” when it comes to reproduction – he already has ten children with six different women. One of them with the model Alyssa Scott (29), with whom he already had a son († 5 months). The twins Marroquí and Monroe (11) are from pop singer Mariah Carey (53). The last three children were born this year, from three different women. One in June and the other two in September. The offspring names are quite special: Rise Messiah Cannon (2 months), Onyx Ice Cole Cannon (2 months) and Legendary Love (4 months).

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