Lesson after collision and Dödel penalty: HCD-Senn hits ZSC-Wallmark

HCD-Senn knocks out ZSC-Wallmark

Reminder of the goalkeeper after collision and Dödel penalty

HCD goalkeeper Gilles Senn gets angry at ZSC striker Lucas Wallmark in the game. When they meet again in a penalty shootout, he teaches the Swede a lesson.


HCD goalkeeper Gilles Senn stretches as best he can, but Davos is still 0:3 behind after two thirds.


Nicole Vandenbrouckice hockey reporter

Lucas Wallmark is the third person from Zurich to attempt a penalty shootout. After missing the timing of the shot, he tries to confuse HCD goalkeeper Gilles Senn with some half-hearted body tricks before miserably forgiving. In the MySports studio, pundit and former defender Timo Helbling called Wallmark’s penalty “arrogant and disrespectful”.

Senn probably sees it that way too. Because as soon as the penalty flop is a given, the HCD keeper hits the Zurich player with his stick and Wallmark dives (a bit of an exaggeration). The otherwise level-headed Senn says after the game: “I’m not proud of that, but it happened out of emotion.”

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