Losing weight with diabetes drugs: Ozempic as a slimming agent

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Weight loss support: With the drug Ozempic, this should be possible, as TikTok users claim. Pharmacists now warn of the consequences for diabetic patients.

Fashion, makeup and nutrition tips: Not all TikTok trends are harmless. The diabetes drug Ozempic with the active ingredient semaglutide is currently experiencing a hype that can have dangerous consequences for diabetics like them. German Pharmaceutical Newspaper (DAZ) informed. Ozempic is approved as a medication for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and for long-term weight control. “Ozempic is a diabetes medication that is used in addition to diet and exercise to treat adults whose type 2 diabetes is not adequately controlled,” he says. European Medicines Agency EMA. Again Pharmaindex Yellow List reported, requires a prescription, and is offered as an injection in a pre-filled pen. Injected once a week, the active ingredient semaglutide in Ozempic stimulates the body to release insulin, which helps control blood sugar levels. This effect prevents, for example, food cravings, which makes the preparation interesting in terms of body weight control.

According to the German Society for Endocrinology, semaglutide can help with weight loss, “because semaglutide leads to a weight loss of around 15 percent, even in people without diabetes,” tells the society the DAZ aforementioned. The active ingredient is increasingly used “off-label” in people who are overweight. As a result, the care of diabetics is in jeopardy. DAZ. And the potential side effects should also be taken seriously.

Ozempic is a medicine prescribed for people with diabetes. But there are also people who use it to lose weight. © Remko de Waal/Imago

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Ozempic diabetes drug promoted by TikTok users as a slimming product

The problem is not new. Time and time again, diabetes medications are abused and used exclusively for weight loss. that’s how it happened german pharmaceutical newspaper at the beginning of the year due to a shortage of the preparation Trulicity with the active substance dulaglutide, which also reduce body weight they can.

TikTok also contributes to the fact that diabetes preparations are used as lifestyle drugs. About six months ago, a viral TikTok trend in Australia led to a shortage of the diabetes drug Ozempic. TikTok users had advertised the drug as a weight loss product. And currently, a TikTok hype is causing Ozempic delivery bottlenecks, like these DAZ reported in November 2022. The publication cites the DAZ Professor Schneider:

There (Editor’s Note: In the US), the prescription diabetes drug Ozempic is widely used off-label, ie without approval, for weight loss; also because many celebrities like Elon Musk promote it heavily. The #Ozempic hashtag alone has been shared 350 million times on social media.

Ozempic Side Effects

Off-label use (the use of drugs for diseases for which pharmaceutical authorities have not approved a preparation) is dangerous, especially with regard to supply bottlenecks. At worst, diabetics can no longer receive the best possible care if there are no drugs like Ozempic on the market. Taking Ozempic can be dangerous if you are not under medical supervision. Drug interactions and side effects are possible, including EMA and the yellow list according to:

  • diarrhea, vomiting and nausea
  • stomach ache
  • constipation
  • gallstones
  • Exhaustion Syndrome (Fatigue)
  • dizziness
  • taste disorders
  • Serious or life-threatening side effects: inflammation of the pancreas, low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), kidney problems including kidney failure, thyroid tumors and cancer, vision problems (diabetic retinopathy), and severe allergic reactions

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