New life in retirement – Federer: “When all this is gone, you feel much lighter” – Sport

New life in retirement – Federer: “When all this is gone, you will feel much lighter” – Sport – SRF

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In a press conference, Roger Federer spoke about less stress and no more doping tests since his retirement.

At a press event held by his clothing supplier in Tokyo, Roger Federer was asked about the time since his resignation. The “Maestro” explained: “As a tennis player, you always think about the next training session, the next match. You will never leave that.”

He was not even aware of how much these thoughts were always with him. It was only when she quit that she noticed, “Wow, this stress was suddenly gone.”

Constant doping tests

Federer cited doping tests as an example. Players on tour must always fill out doping forms to indicate when they are where. It was always in the back of his mind that doping testers might suddenly appear.

“When all that is gone, you feel much lighter, you can finally lead a normal life again after 25 years,” Federer said. However, Federer was back on the tennis court in Tokyo. Along with Kei Nishikori and some young talents he denied a training session.

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