Prince Harry regrets not spending more time with the queen

Patrick Jephson (66) worked closely with Princess Diana († 36) for eight years. Now the former private secretary reveals new details about the difficult marriage between Diana and King Carlos (74). On The Scandal Mongers podcast, Patrick says, according to Page Six, that Charles’ staff at the time deliberately spread lies about his ex-wife: “It wasn’t casual gossip, it was a systematic campaign. Yes, it was one a long time ago.” the man they supported then is our king now and things like this are not to be conveniently buried or discarded. They happened and, in theory, they could happen again,” Jephson said.

Diana’s close confidants are particularly disturbed by the stories that have been circulating about the princess’ mental health. “I probably knew Princess Diana better than anyone (…) and she was one of the most mentally healthy people I’ve ever met,” Patrick clarifies. According to him, given the pressure she was under and the busy life she led, Diana had the ability to remain calm even in the craziest of situations. “Eywitnesses may have found her difficult at times, but she was always extremely sensitive, level-headed and funny,” says Patrick. Diana simply would never have been accepted as the “fabulous addition” that she could have been to the royal family.

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