Qatar World Cup: TV woman is robbed – “I should fix the punishment for the thief”


World Cup in QatarStolen TV woman – “I should set the punishment for the thief”

While reporting live from the World Cup in Doha and dancing with fans, Dominique Metzger had money and documents stolen from her bag. When she filed a complaint, she was in for a surprise.

Dominique Metzger tells how she experienced the robbery.

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It was a celebration with aftertaste. After Argentine television reporter Dominique Metzger danced with the fans in the run-up to the opening match, she realized she had been robbed in the hustle and bustle on camera. “I had my small bag with me, my identity documents, my hotel key and my wallet and I was dancing in the crowd,” she told a colleague at the station. All News.

She was convinced that this was the moment when someone unnoticed unzipped her bag and grabbed the valuables, Metzger continues. “I didn’t realize it at the time because there was a crowd and music around me and I was on the air live.” Only when she wanted to buy water later did she notice the leak.

Only women took reports

She immediately wanted to make a complaint at a police station, but was not taken seriously and was dismissed with the explanation that things would “certainly come out”. She was then referred to a police station staffed by female staff: “they said women had to take care of me,” says Metzger.

When he recorded his experiences, he was surprised: “I was asked what punishment I expect from the judiciary if the perpetrators are caught.” They promised him this would happen: In Qatar, in the run-up to the World Cup, thousands of surveillance cameras were installed around stadiums and inside, and a facial recognition program helps identify people.

Metzger asked what the policewomen meant. “They asked me if he wanted five years in prison or the deportation of the perpetrator,” said the Argentine. “I should decide.” However, he later stated that he only wanted his bag back and that he was happy to leave the judgment in the hands of the judiciary.


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