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How to keep health problems at bay during winter

Subzero temperatures and snowfall: in Germany it is Winter arrived. The cold months also bring a number health problems with it, from flu viruses to dry skin and winter blues spend. if something tips can help keep you healthy during this time.

The cold and dreary days of fall and winter can be quite frustrating at times. It is not uncommon for health problems to arise during these months. A recent publication from the renowned Cleveland Clinic (USA) summarizes some tips that can help keep these types of problems at bay.

Recommendations against dry lips

Winter can be hard on your lips. Cold air from outside and dry air from a heater can dry out your lips, which can cause soreness and cracking. Dermatologist Dr. Melissa Piliang explains in an article how this can be prevented. She recommends:

  • Use lip balm on ointment base
  • hands off lipstick with camphor, eucalyptus and menthol
  • Be sure to use your lip balm Solar protection contains
  • To drink you are enough
  • not the lips lick
  • not on bare lips rub

winter skin care

The winter weather also demands a lot from our skin. Therefore, adequate skin protection is particularly important in the cold season. Dermatologist Dr. Alejandra Estemalik has some recommendations for skin care in winter in another post:

  • Limit the length and frequency of your taking a shower
  • wear after shower moisturizing in
  • You are looking for unscented products
  • avoid care products with ingredients that irritate the skin
  • Protect your hands with gloves

Avoid respiratory diseases

Dry winter air can dry out your sinuses. This is one of the reasons why respiratory illnesses like colds and flu, as well as nosebleeds, are so common in winter. Protect yourself with these tips from family doctor Dr. Daniel Allan summarized:

  • use one humidifier
  • increase yours hydration
  • Drink omega 3 supplements
  • taking a shower They are shorter and not too hot.
  • Use a natural one moisturizing in

good hand hygiene

The meaning of handwashing stood out in the last years of the corona pandemic. But it’s not just a good idea during a pandemic. Good hand hygiene can help you better avoid infection with pathogens like flu viruses or conjunctivitis.

Minimize allergic symptoms

those of season allergies You might breathe a sigh of relief when little to no pollen flies in the cold months. But unfortunately, colder weather doesn’t mean relief for everyone with allergies. Dust mites, mold, or pets can make life difficult for them.

Allergist Dr. Sandra Hong advises those affected to use the following tactics to minimize the risk of sneezing and itchy eyes.

  • use dust mite coverswash your sheets in hot water and dry them on high heat
  • Clean areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and basements with a bleach solution to keep them dry and clean. mold free hold
  • Let pets not in the bedroom
  • plus a lot vacuum cleaning it is also beneficial to bathe pets weekly and brush them outside

Avoid being overweight

Winter brings holidays, and festive gatherings often involve a lot of food. It is common to gain a few pounds during the colder months. Therefore, it is advisable to do it even in the cold months. fitness routine maintained, if necessary, through indoor sports activities.

Also, at least on “non-holiday” days, there should be more integral food settle on fewer calories to prevent obesity as much as possible.

More light

During the darker months of fall and winter, some people experience something called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also known as the winter blues or the autumn blues.

Those affected usually feel apathetic, sad or depressed, present symptoms such as trouble sleepingdecreased or increased appetite and difficulty concentrating.

And what can help here? In principle, the main elements of treatment for depressive disorders (psychotherapy, medication) are used in seasonal depression, but with the addition of specific therapies such as light therapy expanded.

For lighter complaints, the motto is: light, activities and sport Get outside as often as possible and in all weather conditions, ideally for an hour or more. (ad)

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