Swiss Ambassador to Qatar on the host and the World Cup

Swiss Ambassador Dörig in Qatar

“You have to know how to accept criticism”

Edgar Dörig has been the Swiss ambassador to Qatar since 2018. Although there is no footballing tradition in the desert state like in Europe, he also sees sustainable progress thanks to the World Cup in the country.


Edgar Dörig has been the Swiss ambassador to Qatar since 2018.


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From Dörig’s point of view, the West’s reservations about the World Cup hosts are legitimate. “You have to be able to accept criticism,” said the Swiss ambassador. It’s also the job of the media to watch very closely, because not everything in Qatar is heavenly. Freedom of expression is restricted, homosexuality is prohibited by law, and the death penalty still exists.

Qatar has also progressed in recent years thanks to the World Cup. “The Qataris have made an effort,” says the Swiss ambassador. A minimum wage (approx. 270 francs per month) was introduced, the kafala system (no rights for employees) was abolished, and in the hot summer months working in the midday heat on construction sites is no longer allowed. Dörig is confident that the improvements will also be sustainable. “I think a certain ‘point of no return’ has been reached.”

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