Thanks to the semi-automatic offside technology, fans feel like they are in the VAR room

Sensor on the ball, new offside technology

This World Cup takes the fan to the VAR room

At the 2018 World Cup, FIFA boldly used VAR for the first time. Now there’s another first for Qatar 2022: semi-automatic offside technology.


The fan will see this animation in 3D at home in front of the television or in the stadium: why and with what part of the body a striker was a few millimeters offside.


Alain Kunzfootball reporter

Johannes Holzmüller, FIFA’s Director of Innovation and Technology, formulates the goal as follows: “We should make VAR faster and more accurate.”

When it came to the question of whether there was an offside or not, that was a success. “Until now, it took an average of seventy seconds to determine an offside position,” says the Bavarian. Now this number should drop to an average of 25.

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