That’s why street artist Banksy calls for shoplifting

The world famous artist indirectly encouraged shoplifting. He accuses a fashion chain of using his art without asking.

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The graffiti artist Banksy called on the thieves on Instagram to go to a store of the American fashion chain Guess in London and help themselves there. The background: in one of the windows, a work by the artist has been used as background decoration, apparently without permission. He shared a photo of the store and wrote:

“Attention all thieves. Go to Guess on Regent Street. They helped themselves with my art without asking, how can it be wrong if you do the same with their clothes?”


screenshot: instagram

A print of his painting “Flower Thrower” was displayed in the window. Also, some clothes had prints of his artwork. The BBC in Great Britain reported that shortly after the publication of the publication, the windows of the Guess store were covered.

The company previously announced clothing for the winter season inspired by Banksy’s art. In press releases it was said that a cooperation had been started with the company Brandalised, which licenses various graffiti designs.

The company advertises on its website photos of Banksy’s works and products that use them. However, it is not clear if Banksy, whose identity is unknown, agreed to this. Neither his management nor Brandalised or Guess have commented on the incident thus far.

Street art also in Ukraine

On Monday, British street artist Banksy confirmed that he has created seven murals in various locations across Ukraine, including the capital Kyiv, the suburb of Irpin and the town of Borodyanka. This was reported by the “Diario de Arte”.

Banksy posted photos of a work on a destroyed house on his Instagram channel last week. The picture of her on her channel shows a girl on the gray wall apparently doing a handstand over the rubble. “Borodjanka, Ukraine,” the accompanying text read.

Traditionally, the artist posts his work on his channel to confirm that he is the author. He had not reported on a collaboration with Brandalised or Guess.


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