The highlights of Infantino’s World Cup speech in Qatar

FIFA boss Gianni Infantino said nothing for four minutes in his speech before the opening of the World Cup in Qatar.

In a silent retreat with Gianni: speech is silver, silence is gold.Image: watson/keystone/shutterstock

FIFA president Gianni Infantino also said nothing in his infamous speech in Qatar. And very often. And large.

“Feel Arab, feel African, feel homosexual”: Gianni Infantino’s vision of his emotional state went around the world on Saturday.

In this state of mind, the FIFA president moved to the post of Qatar’s main defender. In his speech the day before the start of the World Cup, he criticized Western double standards and rejected any criticism of the World Cup and its organizers: “Who cares for the workers? Who? FIFA does it, football does it, the World Cup does it and, to be fair, Qatar does too.”

The strange appearance of the Valais (secondary residence: Qatar) caused astonishment and harsh criticism around the world. Denmark’s sporting director Peter Möller told the German Press Agency: “When I saw the FIFA president yesterday, I was shocked. And at that moment I was ashamed to be part of this event.”

But the moments when Infantino was silent in his speech also speak volumes: For his theatrical facial expressions, “art” was created in “art break”. The 52-year-old was silent for nearly four minutes during his speech.

We have compiled the best moments:

And here is the video with more content:

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This “wine after all” is for all those who hate the soccer World Cup hype.

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