The network complains about Thomas Gottschalk after “Wetten, dass ..?”

Thomas Gottschalk more or less confidently hosted his program “Wetten, dass…?” weekend…


the essentials in brief

  • Thomas Gottschalk moderated “Wetten, dass ..?” weekend.
  • Michelle Hunziker acted as co-moderator.
  • The network wondered about the appearance of the 72-year-old man.

He’s a TV veteran, that’s for sure. But his last big TV appearance over the weekend raises questions.

Speech? It’s by Thomas Gottschalk. At the age of 72, she hosted the cult ZDF program “Wetten, dass ..?”.

Mega fee, mega guests, mega co-moderator (Michelle Hunziker, 45).

Its moderation, on the other hand, is less mega – according to the verdict on the Internet. Because Thomas Gottschalk called his guests the wrong name or spoke to Michelle Hunziker live about his love life.

Even spicier: Gottschalk kept getting stuck and made wild attempts at genre.

“Gottschalk is somehow completely uninterested in the matter and remarkably disinterested,” one user said during the show. Another posted: “Does Thomas Gottschalk know where he is?”

She told 20-year-old influencers Lisa and Lena: “They’re really nice girls!” And she praised her naturalness: “You don’t have as thick lips as the others.” One viewer was upset: “A bit of sexism with Thomas. How surprising. Wow.”

Do you have “bet that…?” viewed?

On the other hand, there was support from colleagues like Oliver Kalkofe. The 57-year-old comedian shielded Gottschalk on his Twitter account.

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