The Qatar World Cup is not broadcast in UHD in Switzerland

transmission too expensive

Qatar World Cup will not be broadcast in Ultra HD, unlike 2018

The soccer World Cup is only broadcast on Swiss television in Full HD and not in Ultra HD. A step back from the last World Cup. The reason: it’s too expensive for SRG. The demand is too small.


The World Cup will be broadcast on Swiss television in Full HD and HD. Opening match between Ecuador and Qatar.

The Swisscom community is disappointed. The World Cup in Qatar, which started on Sunday, will not be broadcast on Swiss television in Ultra High Definition (UHD) or 4K. Football fans have to be satisfied with Full HD.

“We received a Full HD signal from SRG, which we processed and transmitted to customers,” a Swisscom spokeswoman told Blick. Salt also broadcasts the matches on the German and French channels in Full HD. In Italian, the broadcast is only available in HD. Sunrise and UPC customers can also watch the World Cup in HD or even in standard definition, that is, in standard quality.

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