Tom Kaulitz comments on Heidi Klum’s desire to have children again

Heidi Klum wants a child

Husband Tom Kaulitz flies home for “Sexgiving.”

Heidi Klum recently said that she is considering becoming a mother again. Husband Tom Kaulitz reveals what he thinks of the idea and how he’s felt as a stepdad thus far.


Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz have been married for three years.

Tom Kaulitz (33) and his wife Heidi Klum (49) have been married for three years. The model herself already has four children from previous partnerships, but she is now considering whether she would like to have another baby with Tom Kaulitz. But what does the potential father say? In an interview with RTL about the release of Tokio Hotel’s current album “2001”, the musician also commented on his loved one’s desire to have children again.

Tom Kaulitz with children

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