Ukraine hopes for victory in the war thanks to the “Black Swan”

Was the war over in spring?

Ukraine hopes for victory thanks to the “black swan”

Will the Ukrainian war finally end next year? A high-ranking Ukrainian politician believes in that. He should not only help the will of his own troops, but also a sudden turn in Russia.


The Ukrainian flag has flown again in Cherson for almost two weeks.


Anastasia Mamonovanews publisher

Almost two weeks ago, the Ukrainian army achieved its last great success: retaking the city of Cherson. This was after the Russian troops had announced their withdrawal.

Can another coup be expected in the near future? Yes, believes Volodymyr Havrilov (64), Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine. In an interview with the Sky News television channel, he says that the Ukrainians may return to Crimea this year. The peninsula has been under Russian control since its annexation in 2014.

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