Ukraine War: Russia Fires Fake Nuclear Weapon

The firing of Russian rockets in the Ukraine war has increased again recently. Now, apparently, the Kremlin has even fired a dummy nuclear warhead.


the essentials in brief

  • According to Ukrainian sources, Russia has fired a fake nuclear weapon.
  • A Ch-55 missile was manned with an empty warhead.
  • There are several explanations for the incident.

Time and again there are rumors that nuclear weapons could soon be used in the Ukrainian war. Last but not least, Russia itself repeatedly threatens to do so, for example by boasting about its arsenal.

According to Ukrainian information, the Kremlin around President Vladimir Putin has now gone a step further. As the Defense Express portal writes, Russia shot down a fake nuclear weapon in Ukraine on Thursday. It was intercepted by Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s anti-aircraft defenses.

Specifically, it is therefore a Soviet Ch-55 rocket. Typically, in the Ukrainian war, Moscow uses the Ch-555 variant of this weapon; this version is equipped with a non-nuclear warhead.

A Ch-55 that has now landed in Ukraine had a different head, according to the report. And one that looks like the atomic. However, it was just an empty doll.

Riddles about the reasons for the use of fake nuclear weapons in the Ukrainian war

It is not clear why Russia sent the object to Ukraine. As reported, for example, by the British “Sun”, citing experts, it could be a warning to the West.

According to “Defense Express”, there are also possible reasons from a purely military point of view. This approach is an indication that Russia is running out of conventional missile warheads. Therefore, the Kremlin troops would now even have to screw dummy nuclear weapons onto the rockets.

In addition, it is said that Russia could simply pursue the goal of overloading the Ukrainian air defense system. It’s not that important whether the objects actually explode or not.

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