Urs Meier does not convince the referees

Urs Meier (right) is not convinced by Stephanie Frappart (left) and her colleagues.

Urs Meier (right) is not convinced by Stephanie Frappart (left) and her colleagues.Image: imago, watson

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Former FIFA referee Urs Meier thinks the referees nominated for the World Cup in Qatar, France’s Stéphanie Frappart and her colleagues from Japan and Rwanda, are too weak.

“I know very well: I have 30 referees in Europe who are much stronger than Frappart: yes, I will not take number 31 or 32 if I can only nominate twelve European referees,” said the Aargauer in his “Urs Meier Podcast”. .

Meier did not believe that referees were suitable for all matches, although FIFA’s chief referee Pierluigi Collina drew this picture before the start of the World Cup: “You certainly won’t call a referee for very important matches, I’m 200 sure percent.”

FIFA referees committee chairman Pierluigi Collina, center, speaks to the media at a FIFA referees press conference at the World Cup media center in Doha, Qatar, Friday, May 18. nov...

FIFA’s main referee, Pierluigi Collina.Image: cornerstone

“In general, you have to pay attention to the nomination of the referees: what is happening in these games? What can happen? I don’t expect a referee to referee Switzerland against Serbia when they are still trying to qualify for the next round: it’s a match that will not be easy to referee and that requires a lot of sensitivity. Well, women can have that too, but you have to get involved in the actions: I am convinced that a top referee is needed (…) it is not about women when I say something like that, it’s about quality,” Meier said. Stéphanie Frappart is, at best, number five to seven among referees in France. (abu/sda/apa)

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