Victim († 61) of rocket impact in Poland buried

Tragedy on the border with Ukraine

Victim († 61) of rocket impact in Poland buried

The missile attack in Poland on Tuesday night claimed two lives. Boguslaw W. was buried on Saturday.


In Przewodow on Saturday they said goodbye to Boguslaw W.

One of the victims was buried four days after the rocket hit in south-eastern Poland. Boguslaw W.* († 61) was buried on Saturday in the village of Przewodow, on the border with Ukraine. Relatives, villagers, soldiers and representatives from Poland and Ukraine attended the funeral.

“This man would not have become a victim if this cruel war did not exist,” provincial governor Lech Sprawka (67) said during the funeral, according to the Polish news agency PAP. The death of the 61-year-old man is “a call for peace for the whole world.”

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