World Cup 2022: Steffi Buchli’s comment on the start of the World Cup

Blick-Buchli at the start of the World Cup

Infantino is becoming more of a risk

In the days leading up to the World Cup, FIFA almost never misses an opportunity to spoil our enthusiasm for the World Cup. As soon as the ball rolls, we should be happy about the sport and our national team, says Steffi Buchli, editor-in-chief for sports at the Blick Group.


Steffi Buchli, editor-in-chief of Sport at Blick Group.


Steffi BuchlyEditor-in-chief of the Sport Blick Group

Trampled human rights, forced labor, restrictions on press freedom, sudden ban on beer and now the craziest Infantino speech of all time. In the last few weeks we have really worked our way through FIFA and Qatar hosting the World Cup. We have rightly shown why this World Cup is meaningless in many ways.

“I myself am the son of immigrants”

Gianni Infantino’s World Cup speech: “I myself am the son of immigrants”(00:51)

The adjudication happened in 2010 and neither party involved had the presence of mind to stand up and say, “Not with us!” Either they were in too deep themselves, they saw their own business in jeopardy if a veto was applied (the media belong to this group), or they continued to naively believe in the separation of politics and sport.

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