World Cup 2022: That’s how hot Qatar is because of the desert World Cup


Omar from Ecuador has wrapped himself in the traditional white robe, including a hat. However, the national flag and the World Cup trophy must not be missing.

There is little activity on the Corniche, Doha’s famous waterfront, on Friday morning. Except for a few runners and a few policemen who sit in groups in the shade and watch over the fan mile, Doha still seems to be asleep. Four Asian tourists take a selfie in front of La’eeb, the giant World Cup mascot. It is supposed to represent a fantasy character from a parallel universe, but it looks like a ghost.

Here we are. In the place where, according to many, we should not be standing because the World Cup should have been boycotted. As an observer, it is difficult to get a correct and true picture. what is real what facade? This is a subjective on-site inspection, nothing more. The truth? Often it is also a matter of interpretation.

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