You have never seen Wolfgang Petry like this before.

Come back with a declaration of love

Do you recognize this successful star?

It Was Once the Popular Hit: Whether a fan or not, everyone yelled “Damn, Damn, Damn” at the hit party from a certain alcohol level. Now the man with the friendship bracelets has settled down and is paying tribute to his marriage with his new single.


Many people know the man who looks at the camera in sunglasses in a completely different way…

Well, would you have recognized him? Wolfgang “Wolle” Petry (71) has really changed a lot since he turned “Wahnsinn,” pretty much the baddest catchy song of the decade, into a smash hit in the late ’90s. lumberjack and countless friendship bracelets around his right arm, Petry sold out stadiums in his most successful moments.

Then it became calmer for the German, Petry retired, mainly made music with his son Achim (46). He tried things: songs in English and also more rock songs complemented his discography.

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