You should know: Experts predict the World Cup in Qatar for Blick

You must know!

Experts predict the World Cup

The World Cup finals are finally starting. For Blick, Grings, Gress, Breitenreiter, Djourou, Pfister, Babbel, Bachmann and Esposito dare to step on the ice and give their advice for the tournament.


Breitenreiter became a sensational Swiss champion with FCZ, now betting on Denmark as a surprise team.


michael wegmannS t. Football coach

How far does the selection go?
“We survived the group stage in second place behind Brazil. But I think it will end in the round of 16 against Ghana. Of course, I hope my advice is wrong.”
Former national team player Toni Esposito (49) has been working as an expert for RSI for years.

Which of PSG’s stars will become a World Cup superstar: Messi, Neymar or Mbappé?
“I always go see the PSG men when I have time. If you can see such exceptional players, you have to seize the opportunity. I am sure that the great World Cup star will be one of these three. But I really can’t decide who. All three are outstanding. When do I have to choose? It would surely be great for Messi if Argentina won the title. He still lacks this title in his career, he would give it a lot.”
The star of Nati Ramona Bachmann (31) sweeps Paris St-Germain like Messi, Neymar and Mbappé, in Sweden they called her “Messi as a woman”.

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